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Our Story

The outside of Life Spring Community Church.

Designing the Ultimate Church

In 1989, God brought a small group of businessmen and women together to meet at the home of Tony and Sylvia Amatangelo to answer the question, "If we were going to design the ultimate church, what would it be like?" The result of those discussions, which continued for the year and a half that followed, became the vision of what is now Life Spring Community Church.

Building the Theological Groundwork

In 1992, Pastor Tony left his position of twelve years managing a team of engineers at 3M Company in Camarillo, CA, to pursue training for this new church. He enrolled at Trinity Theological Seminary to pursue his graduate degree and joined the staff of Camarillo Community Church as the Youth and Children's Pastor. In 1996, a leadership team of 23 people under Pastor Tony's direction was commissioned by Camarillo Community Church to begin laying the groundwork for a new church.

A Bible opened to the Psalms.
Church members hold hands during a service at Life Spring Community Church.

Growing Our Community

On February 23, 1997, the first service of Life Spring Community Church was held at the Moorpark Cinema 8 Theaters with 25 in attendance. In 2003, the church moved to its current location at 5384 Kazuko Court in Moorpark. That group of 25 people has now grown to over 200. We meet on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. Come
join us.

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